Meet Roshan Revankar, Geothermal Engineer

We are excited to introduce the newest member of our Geothermal team, Roshan Revankar. Roshan has over seven years of dynamic experience in the geothermal HVAC industry and holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University. Prior to working for Melink, Roshan worked as an Executive Director for International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) where he was a pioneer in the emerging geothermal industry and has an extensive list of accomplishments.

When Roshan began with IGSHPA, it was an international association, but had no chapters outside of the United States. Roshan initiated and formalized international membership by starting the first ever international IGSHPA Chapters in Sweden, Australia, Canada, China, South Korea, and India. He also worked on a Department of Energy grant to help identify positions in the new geothermal industry, and write job descriptions to accompany the new positions. Currently, he is serving as the Chair of Training for IGSHPA to take this a step further and write qualification standards and certifications for professionals in geothermal to bring a level of high quality and consistency to the industry.

With a shared vision and mission with Melink CEO, Steve Melink, and Director of Geo, Seth Parker, Roshan wants to help Melink leverage their platform to commercialize geothermal and educate others on the cleanest and most energy efficient way to heat and cool their buildings. Among other things, his main objectives are to design ground loop systems, enhance existing standards and inspection services, work on DOE grants, and continue educating the market on Manifest – Melinks’ patented centralized pumping station.

When he isn’t talking heat pumps and ground loops, Roshan enjoys spending time exploring his new hometown in the bay area of California with his wife, and prepping for the arrival of their newest addition, a little boy due to arrive late summer.

We are thrilled to have Roshan on board, and know his passion and expertise will help us continue to pave the way for the geothermal market. Welcome to the Melink family Roshan!