Case Study: A Store Commissioning

Author: Sam Rayburn –


One of the largest and fastest growing chain restaurants in the world was seeking a commissioning partner to grow with them, hold their contractor network accountable and bolster their store commissioning process.  To earn their customers’ loyalty, the restaurant chain provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment where all are welcome. The chain’s rapid growth and fast-paced construction schedule, brand new stores are completed in six to eight weeks post ground-break, which can pose scaling and quality-control challenges. Verifying that equipment is installed properly and operating to design specs is critically important. Knowing that heating and cooling play a major role in comfort, the customer hired Melink for its HVAC and store commissioning services, and began rolling out the partnership with Melink by starting small-scale and growing the partnership over time. The program has expanded significantly in recent years, and additional store commissioning scope elements have been added, as the business partnership has flourished and a deep, mutual trust has been established.


Melink completed the commissioning services and provided reports promptly so the customer’s regional teams would know the equipment was correct and installed properly. Melink’s expediency also allowed the contractor partners to resolve punch list items under warranty, hold subcontractors accountable and ultimately open the stores on time. Some store revisits were required, when punch list items involved critical airflow corrections, such as a rooftop unit located on the wrong curb, equipment wrongly sized or defective ductwork. Melink’s reports are also being used as part of the LEED certification application for the customer’s stores.

Authored By: Sam Rayburn

Sam is a Sr. Business Development Manager, responsible for sales and for developing Melink's growth strategy. He began his career with Melink Corporation in 2014 as a Test & Balance business development manager.

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