Case Study: Coffee House Chain

Context Since 2016, Melink has been contracted by a national coffee house chain to perform HVAC services. As part of a multi-year, multi-site program, Melink has performed full HVAC testing and balancing, as well as building commissioning, for the chain’s new locations in the Midwest U.S. After each site visit, Melink provides a detailed report

Case Study: Retail New Construction

Context A national retail chain experienced rapid growth, adding 70 new locations in a span of 10 weeks to keep up with demand. Melink performed full testing, balancing, and commissioning at each location, which included providing detailed reports for each site. This allowed the customer to resolve punchlist items under warranty, hold contractors accountable to

Case Study: HVAC Equipment Assessment

Context A multi-level building, consisting of medical offices, had no pre-existingmechanical plans of its facility when a new management firm took ownership. With tenants practicing various medical fields and a stream of daily visitors to the building, the new owner needed to ensure that the ductwork and airflow were verified and running properly. Proper ventilation

Case Study: New Construction

Reading new construction prints

Context A fast-casual restaurant chain, which has undergone rapid growth in recent years, contacted Melink for assistance on its new construction HVAC projects. The chain’s rapid growth resulted in a fast-paced construction schedule. On average, a new store is completed in six weeks, which poses quality control challenges. Verifying that equipment is installed properly and

Case Study: Quick-Service Restaurants

Rooftop Sweep Program

Context In 2014, a major fast food chain rolled out a rooftop replacement program across 56 stores nationwide. The purpose of the program was to replace older, less efficient equipment with newer, energy-efficient units. Further, the restaurant company sought to obtain a holistic view of the building pressure/balance, health of equipment, and comfort of their

Case Study: Retail Stores

Context A national retail chain hired Melink to perform test and balance services, as well as commissioning, for 46 locations. Project goals included Providing detailed reports to identify and resolve deficiencies Assisting with decisions regarding equipment replacement Adjusting systems to promote energy efficiency Creating healthy and comfortable facilities with balanced indoor air quality for employees

Case Study: Test & Balance

Context A quick-service restaurant hired Melink to perform a test and balance inspection to assess its HVAC system and investigate comfort issues. The restaurant was designed with multiple rooftop units (RTU) and exhaust fans. Upon arrival, the Melink technician met with the general contractor and mechanical contractor, reviewed the site’s design plans, and checked the

Case Study: Deli Rebalance

Context In spring 2015, Melink was hired by a facilities director at a popular sandwich deli chain for a pilot balance service at their Port Arthur, Texas, location. The scope of work was to audit the previous new construction balance work of their existing contractor. When Melink’s technicians reported several deficiencies (opening the eyes of

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