A Day in the Life of a Melink Engineer

Engineers serve a variety of roles at Melink Corporation — application, project, tech support, product design, and field service. In honor of National Engineer Week (Feb 16-22, 2020), Melink employee-owners are sharing what they do. Read along in a day in the life of… Tom CritchfieldQuality Engineer & Field Service Engineer I am currently in

Meet Krista Rose, Marketing Communications Specialist

Business Unit and Job Title Marketing Communications Specialist What does your job entail? Helping tell Melink’s story. A big focus of my job is content creation for Melink’s blog, website and social media, as well as organizing materials for tradeshows and miscellaneous marketing efforts. What did you do before coming to Melink? I graduated from

Meet Megan Parker, National Account Manager

Business Unit and Job Title Testing & Balancing (T&B) National Account Manager What does your job entail? I “quarterback” and work with a team of five individuals supporting the T&B needs of national accounts including retail chains and restaurant groups. What is your personal philosophy? Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. What

Solar Industry News Updates: November 2019

Solar panels on city building

Quickly catch up on the latest solar industry news… Bifacial Solar Panels: In January 2018, the Trump Administration introduced new trade tariffs targeted against China. The tariffs started at 30% and are set to step down by 5% every year until they expire in 2022. In June, the U.S. removed the 25% tariff on bifacial

To Own Is To Serve

In 2010, Melink started a friendly competition called the “Good to Great Awards”, inspired by Jim Collins’s book “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t”.  The goal was to challenge employees to give their best, be innovative and make Melink a great company and sustain our goals year over year. 

Employee Ownership Month

The ESOP Association and its member companies celebrate Employee Ownership Month every October.  An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is a benefit plan that gives workers ownership interest in their company.  The employees do not buy the stock, there is no cost to the employees, and it is not a part of their compensation plan. 

Meet Katherine Moeller, Account Coordinator

Business Unit and Job Title T&B, Account coordinator What does your job entail? My job entails coordinating sites that are ready to be scheduled, entering orders, beginning to quote jobs, coordinating night work, and helping technicians with issues they run into onsite. What is your personal philosophy? A philosophy I believe in is leaving the

Meet Michael Berry, Field Service Technician

Business Unit and Job Title Inelli-Hood Field Service Technician  What does your job entail? The three major parts of my job are 1. Surveying potential buildings to be outfitted with an Intelli-hood system. 2. Pre-site meetings with local electrical trades to coordinate installation and designate specific scopes of work 3. Installation, Upgrades, and troubleshooting of Intelli-Hood systems.  What is

Meet Krysta Kincaid, Account Coordinator

Business Unit and Job Title T&B Account Coordinator What does your job entail? Scheduling our technicians with site supers/PMs, entering job information, following construction schedules and helping problem solve with our customers What is your personal philosophy? “What others say and do, is a projection of their own reality. Don’t take anything personally.” What did