The Case for Commissioning

Commissioning agent inspecting work on construction job site

How third-party commissioning agents can improve building construction. Working with thousands of buildings over the last three decades, I have witnessed firsthand a critical issue in the building industry: Construction Quality. Serious deficiencies with buildings are shockingly common. These flaws are often born from a construction event — not only in new construction but also

Maintaining Perspective (For a Better Future)

Colleagues, Team Members, Friends, and “Family”: Global pandemic.  Divisive rhetoric.  Recession.  Systemic racism.  Civil unrest.  Climate change.  On their own, each issue represents a monumental challenge for the United States of America — let alone the global community.  Yet, here we are, faced with the totality of these seemingly insurmountable problems. As with any challenge

International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day - Melink's female engineers

Now in its seventh year, International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is celebrated annually on June 23. The day celebrates the accomplishments of women engineers and raises awareness of career opportunities. Currently, Melink Corporation employs four female engineers. “Our goal is to enrich and strengthen our teams with a more diverse workforce that can lead

Top 3 Construction Industry Trends in the U.S.

construction industry meeting

A discussion of 2020 construction industry trends. Have you ever wondered why construction on the interstate near your house has dragged on for the past five years, yet when you come back from a 10-day vacation in the Bahamas, an entire strip mall emerged out of existence since you’ve been gone? Okay, so maybe it

Melink 2025 Pledge

Happy Earth Day 2020!  Though we are living through a pandemic that is killing thousands, sickening millions, and affecting billions of jobs, we need to have a vision and purpose beyond this time that gives us hope for a better world. Earth Day gives us the permission to think big again and to imagine the

A Day in the Life of a Melink Engineer

Engineers serve a variety of roles at Melink Corporation — application, project, tech support, product design, and field service. In honor of National Engineer Week (Feb 16-22, 2020), Melink employee-owners are sharing what they do. Read along in a day in the life of… Tom CritchfieldQuality Engineer & Field Service Engineer I am currently in

The Future of the 2020s: Healthy Buildings

Idea of healthy buildings

As we enter the Roaring 20s and continue the “What’s next?” conversation surrounding societal, technological, planetary, and human behavioral changes, I think it’s important for us to consider the role of buildings in all these arenas — ideally, healthy buildings. According to a Navigant Research study in 2018, the global building stock is expected to

Searching for Melink HVAC Technicians: It’s Recruiting Season!

Melink technician

If it’s January, then it’s “Recruiting Season” for Melink T&B Field Service Technicians. Each year, our goal is to source, engage, and win the best technicians to join our national network of HVAC technicians. Becoming a Melink Technician So, what characteristics does it take to become a Melink T&B Field Service Technician?  That answer lies

Meet Krista Rose, Marketing Communications Specialist

Business Unit and Job Title Marketing Communications Specialist What does your job entail? Helping tell Melink’s story. A big focus of my job is content creation for Melink’s blog, website and social media, as well as organizing materials for tradeshows and miscellaneous marketing efforts. What did you do before coming to Melink? I graduated from

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