Climate Change: A Moral Imperative

As the President of Melink Corporation, I’ve always been a bit uneasy publicly commenting on anything that is political or could even be perceived as political.  We live in extremely polarizing times and I’ve never wanted to ostracize anyone; I’m too pragmatic.  It’s not my job to get political.  My job is to run a

Hiring Our Heroes

Melink has had a strong history of hiring veterans for many years. In the last few years we have really targeted that effort by leveraging military recruiting agencies. At Melink, we have veterans at nearly every level of our business. Our original goal was to find the right type of candidate to fill the challenging

Meet Michael Berry, Field Service Technician

Business Unit and Job Title Inelli-Hood Field Service Technician  What does your job entail? The three major parts of my job are 1. Surveying potential buildings to be outfitted with an Intelli-hood system. 2. Pre-site meetings with local electrical trades to coordinate installation and designate specific scopes of work 3. Installation, Upgrades, and troubleshooting of Intelli-Hood systems.  What is

The Cooperative Advantage

Articles and opinion pieces discussing Universities and Colleges alike seem to constantly be in the news and going viral on social media regarding the high costs to attend and the inevitable debt that most students incur. At the same time many employers have a high bar to even be considered for an entry level position.

The Melink Umbrella

Are you an existing customer or follower of Melink?  I’m guessing the answer is “yes” if you’re reading this, so what all falls under the “Melink” umbrella? If you’re in the Cincinnati, OH region perhaps we’re best known for our super-green energy efficient HQ building, with a second on the way, or Steve Melink’s advocacy

How to be an Employee Owner – with Swagger

swag·ger /ˈswaɡər/ verb walk or behave in a very confident way. “he swaggered along the corridor” synonyms: strut, parade, stride, roll, prance; Goals and objectives are important.  They move us forward, help us believe in ourselves and each other, and the right goals hold us accountable to meeting exceeding results.  But, what good is accomplishing a goal without passion,

Meet Krysta Kincaid, Account Coordinator

Business Unit and Job Title T&B Account Coordinator What does your job entail? Scheduling our technicians with site supers/PMs, entering job information, following construction schedules and helping problem solve with our customers What is your personal philosophy? “What others say and do, is a projection of their own reality. Don’t take anything personally.” What did

Solar PV Material Efficiency

With innovations such as bifacial solar panels, solar windows, and solar shingles, it is certainly an exciting time for the industry. In today’s fast-paced market, it is important to adapt quickly to consumer demands. These inventions have been made to tackle efficiency and aesthetic concerns associated with traditional solar PV installs. For those who don’t