Equity Industrial Partners Corp


SYSTEM SIZE: 3,188,640 MW

Indianapolis, Indiana

Annual Output (AC)
4, 407,000 kWh

Module Technology
Crystalline Silicon



With Equity Industrial Partners Corp, Melink Corporation operates one of the largest roof-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in the Midwest. 

This solar project consists of a 3.18 MW roof-mounted array located on a 600,000-square-foot roof in Indianapolis, Indiana. The array is made of 12,264 solar PV modules and produces approximately 4.4 million kWh per year. 

The array is connected to Indianapolis Power & Light Company’s (IPL) distribution system, making it part of the largest solar PV program for an investor-owned utility in the Midwest.

The project was built between March-August 2014 with support from U.S. Bancorp and Union Bank & Trust. 

Authored By: Seth Parker

Seth Parker is the Vice President & General Manager of Melink Solar & Geo. Seth’s primary responsibilities at Melink involve helping customers implement solar PV and geothermal HVAC systems at their commercial facilities. Committed to leading with integrity and excellence, Seth goes above and beyond to assist Melink’s growing number of clients who are joining the clean energy revolution. Seth holds a M.S. in Renewable and Clean Energy from the University of Dayton and a B.A. in Economics from Wittenberg University. Furthermore, Seth is an IGSHPA Accredited Installer and has also completed the Certified Geo Designer (CGD) and Certified Energy Manager (CEM) training courses.

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