Melink Corporate Headquarters

Melink Corporate Headquarters

Milford, Ohio



Melink Corporation is constantly researching and testing different types of solar photovoltaic panels to find the best value for our customers. From 2006 through 2008, Melink installed three 10kW solar arrays on our roof and between 2010 and 2011, installed an additional seven systems on our corporate campus.



Flexible Thin Film System

The Xunlight flexible thin film system is perfect for roofs with load issues, odd angles or contours. The system does not need a racking system and eliminates roof penetrations and is instead applied with a special adhesive, making installation faster and less expensive than traditional panels.


Cylindrical Module System

The Solyndra system consists of small, cylindrical tubes designed to capture light from 360 degrees when installed on a white reflective roof. It has its own ballasted racking system which does not penetrate the roof membrane, making it very easy to install.

Abound Roof Mount

Rigid Thin Film System

Melink installed the rooftop Abound system in mid-2010. At 5.8kW, this was the first rigid thin film system Melink constructed on their corporate campus.

Abound Ground Mount

Rigid Thin Film System

Melink completed the installation of a 25kW solar PV system adjacent to the company headquarters in late November. A fixed ground- mount system, Melink designed and installed the system and completed final commissioning in December 2010.


First Solar Roof Mount

Rigid Thin Film System

In early 2011, Melink installed a second rigid thin film system on their corporate headquarter’s rooftop. The system was installed to test against our other rooftop systems to help the company reach its net zero energy goal.

Melink HQ Solar Canopy

Crystalline Silicon System

Melink’s solar canopy is similar to our project at the Cincinnati Zoo. Not only does the canopy provide 12kW of power towards our energy usage, it also provides shelter for the cars parked beneath.

Ingrid Pre-Engineered PV System

Ingrid is the next generation of solar power. It utilizes a sleek, modular design that is mass-produced for low cost, convenience and flexibility.

The 2.1 kW ground-mounted system can be installed in less than a week and offsets 10-50% of electrical usage for an average home or small business. It requires little maintenance and is easily expandable based on your energy needs.


MPower allows Melink to compare production of our solar PV systems on an equal footing. MPower adjusts for differences in system size and orientation to the sun using the latest in sensing technology. As the chart below illustrates, all solar PV systems are not created equal.

Authored By: Allison Sternad

Allison Sternad is the marketing manager at Melink Corporation. Allison manages all Melink's content and connects readers with key subject matter experts to deliver helpful, education on geothermal HVAC, kitchen hood ventilation controls, and HVAC testing and balancing. She can be reached at [email protected]

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