Determining if DCKV is Right for You?

When a customer is first debating if Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) is right for their facility, there are multiple questions that come to mind. What is a good application for DCKV? What does it cost versus the lifetime payback? Does it actually slow fans down that much? What is the ability for service in

Meet Melissa Gruesser, Account Manager for Melink T&B

Business Unit and Job Title Account Manager for Test and Balance What does your job entail? My job is to maintain and develop, existing and new customer relationships within the test and balance industry. What is your personal philosophy? My personal philosophy is to take responsibility for your own actions, and to be respectful of others. What did you do

Intelli-Hood Frankfurt Hotel Retrofit Case Study

Context In October 2012 the Radison Blu Hotel in Frankfurt installed their first Melink Intelli-Hood system. Following the success of this project another 7 installations followed throughout Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland. Additional opportunities in the portfolio are being reviewed as a result of the energy savings being realized at the existing properties. There is