COVID-19 Updates

Lack of ventilation or low ventilation rates are associated with increased infection rates or outbreaks of airborne diseases.
— World Health Organization

A Message from Our President

We are in this together. These are unprecedented times; however, life will go on and we will get through this together. Consumers will still consume. Projects still need to be completed. And despite the public health crisis, the world still needs solutions to continue fighting climate change.

And so, Melink is committed to continue doing what we do best: providing energy solutions for a brighter tomorrow, making the world a better place, one building at a time. Of course, in so doing, we will be leveraging best practices as prescribed by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the health and safety of our employees, customers, friends and families is paramount. As we’ve seen during many other trying times throughout history, we have an incredibly strong fighting spirit. We will endure.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding our operation during this situation.

Craig Davis
President, Melink Corp


Are you open for business?

Yes. We are considered an essential business, remaining open as we endeavor to keep you and our employees safe, while maintaining a high level of service excellence. Read our statement about why Melink is considered an essential business to keep the food and energy industries operating during this time. Our employees are readily available to assist and will be available when you need us.

What about CDC guidelines regarding health and safety?

Health and safety are the top priority. We have the procedures and technology for employees to work remotely, in order to maintain operations in the event of further disruption. Also, we are following CDC-recommended social distancing guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus, among other best practices such as increased cleaning, hand sanitizers, etc.

Your technicians frequently travel. What precautions are you taking?

We are communicating with our staff frequently, as information becomes available from the CDC, WHO, and federal and state governments that may impact our operation. We are working to avoid exposure to areas with high volumes of confirmed cases of COVID-19, all international travel has been suspended until further notice, and we are accommodating the unique needs of our employees and their families on a case-by-case basis.

What can you do to help make my building healthier?

Now, maybe more than ever, many businesses are concerned about indoor air quality to protect employee and customer safety. Simply put, we can help to keep your buildings healthy. Find information here or reach out to us. Our team can assist in finding a solution that works for you.

Is Melink Corp attending conferences or events?

We are supporting federal and state recommendations by eliminating participation at any large conferences or events. When possible, employees are attending events virtually and are supporting the postponement of events as necessary.



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