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Geothermal Pump Station

Delivering geothermal is easy with our patented, pre-engineered geothermal pump station

Offering geothermal HVAC to your clients sounds like a great idea. Who wouldn’t want to deliver on the promise to provide the best energy efficiency options available? But then you realize that designing a custom pumping station will cost your project valuable time and money, and is more prone to field installation errors.

Are you tired of engineering a custom pump station for every project? It’s time for a better option. The Manifest pump station makes geothermal affordable, instinctive and quick to install.

Why Manifest?

Easy Selection & Installation

Easy Selection
& Installation

  • Available in standard package sizes (100 gpm­ - 800 gpm)
  • Plug-n-play electrical and plumbing connections
  • Sensorless technology enables quick startup and commissioning without the need for a differential pressure sensor in a remote location
Greater Energy Savings & Performance

Greater Energy
Savings & Performance

  • Patented automatic ground loop bypass valve bypasses the ground loop when the conditions are right to reclaim heat from other building zones and save pump energy
  • Pumps are designed for optimal efficiency at 50 percent load while most systems operate at less than 60 percent capacity for the vast majority of the time
  • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE 90.1
Less Space & Smarter Design

Less Space & Smarter Design

  • Integrated and self­-contained package provides all necessary components
  • Variable frequency drives are mounted directly on vertical in­-line twin pumps and are designed for 100 percent redundancy
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual performance reports

Looking for the nitty gritty details?

See the Manifest Specification Sheet

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