Intelli-Hood Maintenance

Prevent Costly Repairs, Downtime, Lost Energy & Profits

Preventive maintenance for your Intelli-Hood® system(s) can help your business protect its bottomline. Melink offers comprehensive site visits to evaluate, adjust, and repair the Intelli-Hood equipment installed.

Intelli-Hood Preventive Maintenance Scope

A 7-Step Site Evaluation:

Walk-through to review efficiency, comfort concerns & operation

Systematic inspection of
Intelli-Hood components

Temperature and optic sensor cleaning, as necessary

Operational testing of
Intelli-Hood & related systems (i.e. BAS)

Adjustment of settings to maximize desired efficiency and/or comfort

Review work, offer training
& perform final adjustments


Submission of final commissioning report to customer


Melink’s preventive maintenance pricing is determined by expected on-site time and the total number of hoods that need attention.
A “hood” shall be considered as one set of optics.

The preventive maintenance site visit includes evaluation, adjustment, and repair of the installed Intelli-Hood equipment. As part of the agreement, some materials (“planned replacements”) shall be replaced free of charge, regardless of warranty standing during the site visit.

Planned Replacements shall include the following:

  • 1 control keypad, if damaged
  • 1 replacement keypad label for future use

Planned Replacements shall include the following if necessary per every 6 hoods:

  • 1 set of optic sensors (both emitter and receiver)
  • 1 temperature sensor and splitter cable (Intelli-Hood II Applications)
  • Control cables as needed for repairs

1-6 Hoods

Time on site: 1 day / Price: $2,250

7-12 Hoods

Time on Site: 2 days

Price: $2,250 base price (covers first 6 hoods) + $1,250

Owners of portfolios (greater than five locations) are eligible for discounted pricing when committing to evaluating multiple locations. Examples include hotel ownership groups, large restaurant chains, and corporate organizations with multiple individual kitchen areas.

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