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We help commercial building owners produce clean, sustainable power energy for their facilities. Using innovative solutions for commercial solar PV energy projects, we partner with businesses of all sizes — from 50kW to 50 MW and beyond — to build ground-mounted, roof-mounted, or canopy arrays. As a commercial EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) firm, we are full-service and can deliver a turnkey project, offering a seamless experience. We will design your solar system, procure all labor and supplies, construct the array, monitor performance throughout the array’s lifetime, and provide remote and field troubleshooting. Achieve Net-Zero energy in your facility with Melink Solar.

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For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping companies save energy, increase profits, and make the world a more sustainable place. We believe in walking the talk and leading by example. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, our campus has 63 charging stations and a portfolio of renewable energy options to support our Zero Energy buildings and corporate fleet. Come check us out, we’d love to show you around!

Our Process

Would you like to fix the cost of your electricity for the next 30 years but don’t know where to start? We offer turnkey solutions that simplify your solar and take the guesswork out for you. Our end-to-end approach streamlines the entire process, from your free site inspection, through construction,  to ongoing maintenance and support. And, to accelerate ROI, we provide flexible financing options and help you take advantage of federal tax credits on the cost of your system.

Our Services


Detailed financial and utility bill analysis

Detailed Financial & Utility Bill Analysis

Project Engineering


Turnkey Project Execution


System Performance Monitoring & Maintenance


Project Portfolio

We have a portfolio of built projects totaling over 65 MWs of energy production. That means we have installed over 215,000 solar panels and counting. Find some of our projects below and check out our portfolio page for more!


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