Every building has the power to change the world.

Creating Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings.


Megawatts Solar Installed


Sites Serviced


Hoods Controlled

Intelli-Hood® Kitchen Ventilation

Put energy savings on auto-pilot.

Patented Intelli-Hood Kitchen Ventilation Controls automatically adjust to your cooking activity so you don’t waste energy and conditioned air.

Positiv Building Health Monitor

Keep a pulse on your HVAC's health.

A patent-pending standalone system, PositiV monitors building pressure and indoor air quality, remotely tracking HVAC health, reducing energy usage and improving comfort.


Solar PV Systems

Fuel your future without fuel.

Power a more sustainable future for your company and the planet. Melink works with businesses of all sizes — from 100kW to 30 MW and beyond — to deliver seamless solar solutions.