Intelli-Hood Resources

How-to Videos

General Operation

Touchpad Overview

Identifying Your Intelli-Hood System

Maintenance & Cleaning

Checking Cable Connections

Troubleshooting: Optic & Temperature Faults

Troubleshooting: VFD


System Identification

Melink Corporation has designed three versions of Intelli-Hood over the years. What system do you have? Get tips for identifying your kitchen’s Intelli-Hood system.

Intelli-Hood 1 Reference Guide

Intelli-Hood 2 Reference Guide

Intelli-Hood 3 Reference Guide

Intelli-Hood Preventive Maintenance

Melink offers comprehensive site visits to evaluate, adjust, and repair the Intelli-Hood equipment installed.

Hood Cleaning Precautions

Precautions to keep the sensors, touchpad, etc. safe.

Intelli-Hood 2 Troubleshooting Guide

Intelli-Hood 3 Troubleshooting Guide

About Intelli-Hood

Product Specification Template

Access Intelli-Hood’s product specification template.

Intelli-Hood Code Compliance

Access a listing of Intelli-Hood’s code compliance.

BACnet Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement

Read the BACnet Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement.


Read FAQs about Intelli-Hood.

Product Information

One-Page Overview

Installation Manual

Intelli-Hood 2 Discontinuation Notice

Read about the latest discontinuation of Melink’s Intelli-Hood 2.