What is an air balance report?

It is a record of the final balanced operating conditions and settings of the HVAC system.

The quality of these reports varies from contractor to contractor. You may be given a hand-written note or a detailed Excel-based document, depending on who performs the work. The goal is to obtain a report that will help you make better decisions on managing HVAC systems, even from a remote location. Our customers appreciate our reports for being the most detailed and informative in the industry.

Category: Test and Balance Report

Authored By: Darren Witter

Sr. Vice President Darren Witter has been with Melink Corporation since 1996. He has served in a variety of capacities including engineering, product development, manufacturing, field services, and management. Darren earned a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati and is a State of Ohio Professional Engineer (PE). He is also qualified as a LEED-accredited professional and a NEBB-certified professional. After working in and leading many of the functional areas of the company, Darren’s core focus is now on the hiring and development of Melink employee-owners. For more than 30 years, Melink has helped commercial building owners improve the health, comfort, and energy impact of their facilities across the U.S. and world.

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