Anantara Mangroves Case Study – Abu Dhabi


Anantara Mangroves Hotel, an esteemed five-star retreat nestled in Abu Dhabi, is celebrated for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and delivering exceptional guest experiences. Confronted with the challenge of rising utility costs, especially within its commercial kitchens, the hotel proactively sought a solution to enhance operational efficiency. To address this concern, Anantara Mangroves Hotel made the strategic decision to install Intelli-Hood’s Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) system.


Anantara Mangroves Hotel faced considerable utility costs, spending $63,462 annually on its commercial kitchens, resulting in substantial operational expenses. Seeking a remedy, the hotel opted to invest in Intelli-Hood’s DCKV system known for its energy-efficient kitchen ventilation controls. This solution aimed to adaptively optimize kitchen exhaust ventilation, aligning with cooking activities to curtail energy usage and costs.

The Intelli-Hood DCKV system seamlessly integrated into all of the hotel’s commercial kitchens without disrupting daily operations. This successful installation led to substantial annual utility savings of $35,325, reducing post-installation costs from $63,462 to $28,137, marking a significant 56% reduction in operational expenses. Anantara Mangroves Hotel achieved an impressive ROI of 1.9 years, showcasing the economic feasibility of the Intelli-Hood DCKV system and emphasizing the substantial cost savings and operational advantages derived from this investment.

The hotel’s kitchens optimized the average fan speed at 65%, aligning ventilation precisely with cooking activities for enhanced energy efficiency. This move supported the hotel’s commitment to sustainability. Anantara Mangroves Hotel significantly reduced its carbon footprint by 810,809 lbs annually, showcasing its improved environmental sustainability through Intelli-Hood’s reduced energy consumption. Moreover, the quieter and more efficient kitchen ventilation positively influenced the guest experience by lowering noise levels and enhancing the dining areas’ ambiance.


The implementation of Intelli-Hood at Anantara Mangroves Hotel has been an undeniable success, marked by substantial utility cost reductions and optimized energy usage in their commercial kitchens. This initiative not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also advanced their commitment to sustainability, showcasing a commendable step towards a more environmentally responsible operation.


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