Arnotts Department Store


Arnotts is the oldest and largest department store in Ireland. Their focus on high quality and luxurious goods make it a premier retail destination for Dublin shoppers. Attention to operating a high end shopping experience doesn’t stop in the showroom and wanted to ensure their kitchens were addressing any potential ventilation issues to decrease odor and energy usage. Through their partnership with EFTech they implemented Intelli-Hood® kitchen hood ventilation controls and CleanStream UV-C technology to mitigate any future issues and control operating costs. The Intelli-Hood® system controls the ventilation fan speed, depending on the current conditions of the kitchen hoods. Temperature and optic sensors are used to detect heat and steam, and these sensors will change the fan speed accordingly. For Arnotts, this saves about 77% of ventilation fan energy consumption. Reducing the fans from running 24 hours per day not only saves energy consumption from the extract and supply fans but also creates considerable heating and cooling savings.


Arnotts experienced a strong return on its Intelli-Hood® investment: a fast 1.2 year payback. With this system, the store was not only able to reduce its immediate energy consumption by 62% but is able to use the technology to continually monitor usage and adjust as necessary.




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