Eurostars Torre Sevilla Resort Case Study


Eurostars Torre Sevilla in Seville, Spain, needed to reduce wasted energy and high utility costs in its kitchen operations. To achieve this, the management chose Intelli-Hood’s Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) system. This smart technology uses dual-sensing to adjust fan speeds based on cooking demand, enhancing energy efficiency and cost savings. The hotel aimed to optimize energy usage without compromising kitchen functionality, benefiting both operational costs and environmental sustainability. The installation was meticulously planned to minimize disruption, taking place during off-peak hours and integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructure while maintaining safety and hygiene standards.


The installation significantly improved the kitchen’s efficiency, positively impacting key areas and enhancing overall performance. Prior to implementing Intelli-Hood’s DCKV controls, Eurostars Torre Sevilla faced annual utility costs of $19,147. After installation, these costs dropped to $7,746, resulting in impressive annual savings of $11,401.

Eurostars Torre Sevilla Resort, Spain, Intelli-Hood, DCKV, Annual Utility Costs


The installation of Intelli-Hood at Eurostars Torre Sevilla proved highly successful, with a simple payback period of 2.2 years, demonstrating rapid return on investment. Operating expenses were reduced by 60%, highlighting significant financial benefits and reinforcing the hotel’s financial sustainability. The optimized kitchen hoods maintained an average fan speed of 59%, minimizing energy waste. Additionally, the DCKV controls resulted in annual CO2 savings of 73,213 lbs, supporting the hotel’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Eurostars Torre Sevilla, Spain, Intelli-Hood, Fan Speed


The installation of Intelli-Hood at Eurostars Torre Sevilla resulted in significant utility cost savings, reduced operating expenses, and improved environmental sustainability. The seamless integration and impressive performance demonstrate the effectiveness of Intelli-Hood in optimizing kitchen ventilation systems. Eurostars Torre Sevilla exemplifies the positive impact achievable with DCKV controls.


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