Hong Kong Hotel Retrofit Case Study


With 602 beautifully designed rooms and 8 luxurious restaurants and lounges, The JW Marriott in Hong Kong, China sought to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint while offering a 24/7 dining service. In 2014, they decided to install Melink’s patented Intelli­-Hood® demand control kitchen ventilation as a means to reach this goal. Here is more information regarding the hotel kitchens:

  • Total motor power: 15 HP
  • Daily operating hours: 24
  • Days per week: 7
  • Weeks per year: 52
  • Cost per kilowatt hour: $0.14


Intelli-Hood® saved $8,249 in utility costs and reported an average fan speed of 76%. This resulted in a 2-year payback and and reduced carbon emissions.  The JW Marriott team is very pleased.

demand control ventilation energy savings and payback with Intelli-Hood

Below is a sample graph of the varying exhaust fan speed for one day at the hotel:

variable speed exhaust fan graph at JW Marriott

And the below graphic indicates the before (navy) and after (green) reductions in kilowatt hours, heat load, and exhaust volume:

before and after kilowatt, heat load, and CFM savings


Could Intelli-Hood® be a fit for my project?

Are you curious how much energy Intelli-Hood® could save within your commercial or industrial kitchens?  Submit an energy savings estimate request form at the bottom of our Intelli-Hood® page to get started.