JeJu Dream Tower South Korea


Jeju Dream Tower is a luxury hotel centrally located in the heart of Jeju City, South Korea. The Jeju Dream Towers are the tallest landmarks on Jeju Island. As a renowned destination spot, they
received thousands of customers a year. That is why representatives at Jeju Dream Tower wanted to integrate Intelli-Hood® into their commercial kitchen. Melink’s Intelli-Hood® system controls the ventilation fan speed, depending on the current conditions of the kitchen hoods. Temperature and optic sensors are used to detect heat and steam, and these sensors will change the fan speed accordingly. With help from Intelli-Hood®, the customer wanted to decrease their utility cost and maximize their energy savings.



The chart below, Figure A, shows the average fan speed for the exhaust fans over the course of
several weeks. The dips in the chart represent times when the fans are not running, and the spikes represent when the fans are operating. The spikes in fan speed change slightly which means the fans are running more efficiently. The average fan speed for these exhausts was 61.4%.

Before their Intelli-Hood® installation, the Jeju Dream Tower was spending an average of $106,048 in utility costs per year. Figure B depicts the customer’s previous annual energy costs as compared to their new energy costs. After installing Intelli-Hood®, the Dream Tower cut their utility costs practically in half. They experienced a $51,759 savings by utilizing Intelli-Hood® in their commercial kitchen.

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