Keep a pulse on your building!

building health monitoring

What is PositiV?

PositiV is a standalone system that monitors your building’s pressure and remotely tracks building health. Alerts are sent when the system detects anything is out of set parameters. Moreover, PositiV monitors temperature, relative humidity and CO2 so that you gain a full picture of the health of your facility.

Track and trend your building’s health from the moment of install. You are in control.

Not integrated into complex BMS or IoT Systems

Wireless, self-powered system

Using data to generate a letter grade for your building

Long term and short term tracking abilities!

See how your buildings stack up!

Check the Things That Matter

Get same-day information regarding one or a portfolio of buildings. Set up customized alerts that will inform you if something is unhealthy, giving you the peace of mind to focus on other priorities.

Smoke capture

Draft at doors


Incorrect HVAC Schedule

Excessive exhaust

Proper makeup air and kitchen hood interlock

Short cycling Air Handling Units

Trouble maintaining thermostat set point

Hot and cold spots

Drafty or stuffy air


Wood warping

Hot and muggy environments

Organic growth and mold

Decreased cognitive function

Headaches, fatigue, feeling unwell

Lower employee production

Occupant and Customer wellness

Issues sound familiar?

Some problems are easy to quantify, while others are much more difficult. We did the hard work for you and created an easy to use calculator so you can see just how much money your issues could be draining from your bottom line.

Data at your fingertips.

From the moment of install, you can start trending data to proactively monitor your building’s health. Get a real time grade and see a bird’s eye view of your facilities. Decide which facilities to track and tend to.

  • “Which building needs help now?”

    You decide where to focus your attention.

Why PositiV?

No wires. Completely self-powered and communicates wirelessly, meaning it doesn’t connect to your IoT at all.

The indoor unit could be as easy as double-sided tape and stuck to the wall; the outdoor unit can be banded to a vent stack or screwed to a wall. No moving parts, the system is powered by solar collectors.

Start trending data from install. Get a portfolio view of facilities – all in one place. Real time grade of your building’s health. The power is in your hands!

Indoor Air Quality. Do long-term trending to understand how your building lives. Verify your HVAC performance. Proactively maintain your systems, identify issues before they become an issue!

Simplified Pricing

Simple and straightforward. Monitor your buildings on your own, or you can have our team proactively monitor for you. No matter what plan you choose, you’ll get unlimited access to the Melink portal 24/7. And, pay the best way that works for your budget.




Width: 5” | Depth: 1.5”
Solar Panels: 2.25” x 3.75”


Width: 6” | Depth: 2.1”
Solar Panels: 4.5” x 3.5”

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