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Ensure comfortable, healthy,
efficient buildings

National, Independent, Certified

Verify that your HVAC systems were installed and are working as expected with a certified test and balance (TAB) to ensure comfortable, healthy and efficient buildings.

What is Test & Balance?


When is an air balance needed?

New Construction

New Construction

Obtain your Certificate of Occupancy and know the HVAC system conforms with design specifications before it's turned over to operations with a certified, independent air balance report.

Equipment Replacement Programs

Equipment Replacement Programs

Execute a successful equipment replacement or “roof sweep” by having it tested and balanced so you get what was specified.

Remodel Projects

Remodel Projects

Changes in floor plans affect the airflow, and construction impacts indoor air quality. Have a TAB test performed to prevent any airflow deficiencies caused by construction.



All mechanical systems fall out of alignment over time. Keep air quality, comfort and efficiency at peak performance by rebalancing the HVAC every three to five years.

Comfort Investigations

Comfort Investigations

Receive a thorough investigatory report of the HVAC conditions at a facility with comfort complaints or negative building pressure issues so corrective action can be determined.

Unique Air Balance Programs

Unique Air Balance Programs

We are happy to create a tailored scope of work for your specific needs.

Signs a Test & Balance is Needed

Signs a T&B is Needed

Case Studies

We keep our little black book closed out of respect for our clients. That’s why some of the case studies are anonymous. We can share additional details on a one-to-one basis.

People working at a coffee shop

Fast Casual Chain Full Balance

Retail energy star case study photo

Retail Chain Energy Star Program

Deli chain case study photo

National Deli Chain Rebalance

Fast food chain case study photo

Food Chain Rooftop Unit Replacement

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