Case Study: New Construction


A fast-casual restaurant chain, which has undergone rapid growth in recent years, contacted Melink for assistance on its new construction HVAC projects. The chain’s rapid growth resulted in a fast-paced construction schedule. On average, a new store is completed in six weeks, which poses quality control challenges. Verifying that equipment is installed properly and operating to design specs is critically important.

Knowing that heating and cooling play a major role in building comfort, the company tried out Melink’s HVAC commissioning services at two of its Tennessee construction locations in early 2015. Deemed successful, the program expanded to 59 stores across the Midwest region being balanced by Melink in 2016. And in 2017, Melink provided HVAC commissioning services to more than 200 locations across the Midwest, South Central, and New York Metropolitan regions.

Punch List Examples


Melink completed the commissioning services and provided balance reports promptly so that the company’s management team would know the equipment was correct and installed properly. Melink’s expediency also allowed the company to resolve punch list items under warranty, hold contractors accountable, and open the stores on time.

Revisits were necessary for 60% of the locations. Revisits are required when punch list items involve critical airflow corrections, such as a rooftop unit located on the wrong curb, wrongly sized equipment, or defective ductwork. Melink’s reports are also being used as part of the LEED certification application for the stores.