Case Study: Quick-Service Restaurants


In 2014, a major fast food chain rolled out a rooftop replacement program across 56 stores nationwide.

The purpose of the program was to replace older, less efficient equipment with newer, energy-efficient units. Further, the restaurant company sought to obtain a holistic view of the building pressure/balance, health of equipment, and comfort of their stores for employees and customers.

Melink T&B was hired to verify proper installation, startup, and balance of the newly installed HVAC equipment across all stores. Additionally, Melink checked the old equipment for proper operation to provide a report on the health and comfort of their stores. The work was requested to be completed in four weeks during the Thanksgiving season. The project required collaboration between Melink and the restaurant owner, the rooftop unit manufacturers, and the installing contractor.


Without scheduling hiccups and with very few site-readiness issues, all 56 restaurant locations were balanced for efficiency and comfort. The restaurant company’s management was provided with helpful reports on the condition of their new and existing HVAC equipment for each store.

The biggest challenge involved was in the schedule coordination between vendors to perform a high volume of work in a short period of time. However, each group rose to the occasion with excellent communication and professionalism to ensure comfort and efficiency for the restaurants and their guests.

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