Crowne Plaza Hotel Case Study – Abu Dhabi


Crowne Plaza Hotel on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, is esteemed for offering a luxurious and memorable guest experience. However, the hotel encountered a pressing issue with soaring utility costs within its commercial kitchens. Seeking to bolster operational efficiency, the hotel opted to address this challenge by implementing Intelli-Hood’s Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) system. Prior to integrating Intelli-Hood’s DCKV controls, the hotel faced considerable utility expenses related to its commercial kitchens, reaching a substantial annual expenditure of $79,552, posing a financial hurdle for the establishment.


Crowne Plaza tackled this challenge by investing in Intelli-Hood’s DCKV system, renowned for its capacity to optimize kitchen ventilation, cut energy usage, and enhance operational efficiency. The hotel smoothly incorporated Intelli-Hood® into all commercial kitchens, executing the installation meticulously to avoid disruptions to daily operations and ensure a seamless transition.

The outcomes stemming from Intelli-Hood’s installation at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Abu Dhabi, were notably advantageous, showcasing significant benefits in terms of utility cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency for the establishment.

Following the successful installation, Crowne Plaza Hotel in Abu Dhabi experienced an annual utility cost savings of $44,431. This achievement was due to a significant reduction in utility expenses, decreasing from the initial $79,552 to a more efficient $35,121. This decrease in operational costs underscored the tangible benefits and financial efficiency gained through the implementation of Intelli-Hood’s DCKV system.

Crowne Plaza achieved an impressive ROI of 1.9 years, showcasing substantial cost savings and operational advantages from the DCKV investment. The installation of Intelli-Hood led to a remarkable 56% cut in operational expenses, notably enhancing the hotel’s financial sustainability and profitability. Improved energy efficiency in the kitchen resulted in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1,019,802 lbs. annually, contributing to a reduced overall carbon footprint. The optimized average fan speed of 65% in the hotel’s kitchens aligned ventilation with cooking activities, fostering a more energy-efficient and cost-effective operation.


The implementation of Intelli-Hood’s DCKV system at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Abu Dhabi emerged as a highly beneficial and strategic investment. The incorporation of DCKV controls yielded substantial utility cost savings, showcasing an impressive ROI and a substantial decrease in operational expenses. It also resulted in notable reductions in CO2 emissions, highlighting the system’s multifaceted impact on the hotel’s efficiency and environmental responsibility. This investment not only showcased immediate financial benefits but also emphasized the hotel’s commitment to sustainability through reduced carbon emissions.


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