Staybridge Suites Case Study – Abu Dhabi


Staybridge Suites Abu Dhabi, a well-known extended-stay hotel, encountered a challenge related to elevated utility costs, particularly within their commercial kitchens. Striving to enhance energy efficiency, decrease operational expenses, and bolster sustainability, the hotel made the decision to implement Intelli-Hood’s Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) system.

Prior to integrating Intelli-Hood’s DCKV controls, Staybridge Suites Abu Dhabi grappled with substantial utility expenses. The hotel faced an annual expenditure of $3,376 for its commercial kitchens, presenting a tangible financial hurdle for the establishment.


To overcome the challenge of high utility costs in their commercial kitchen, Staybridge Suites Abu Dhabi chose to invest in Intelli-Hood’s DCKV system, known for optimizing kitchen ventilation and reducing energy consumption and operational costs. The installation seamlessly integrated the DCKV system into all commercial kitchens, carefully minimizing disruptions to the hotel’s daily operations and maintaining its commitment to high-quality service.

Post-installation, the hotel attained an annual utility cost savings of $2,114, reducing utility expenses from $3,376 to $1,262 (refer to Figure A), signaling a substantial drop in operational costs.

Staybridge was able to achieve an impressive ROI of 3.1 years, emphasizing the economic feasibility of the Intelli-Hood DCKV system and highlighting substantial cost savings and operational benefits from the investment. The installation led to an outstanding 63% decrease in operational expenses, significantly bolstering the hotel’s profitability and financial sustainability. Additionally, the enhanced energy efficiency resulted in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 48,514 lbs. annually, aligning with the hotel’s sustainability goals and reaffirming its commitment to environmental responsibility.


The incorporation of Intelli-Hood’s DCKV system at Staybridge Suites Abu Dhabi has emerged as an unequivocal success story. This implementation resulted in substantial savings in utility costs, showcased an impressive return on investment, marked a considerable decrease in operational expenses, and demonstrated noteworthy reductions in carbon emissions. The multifaceted impact of this system has not only enhanced the hotel’s financial efficiency but also underscored its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, establishing a commendable balance between economic and ecological sustainability.


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