Hard Rock Hotel Case Study


Hard Rock Hotel is a well-known hotel facility located the tourist district of Dublin, Ireland. This facility was a new construction that proactively sought to reduce their energy usage. With long operating hours in the kitchen, they decided to implement Intelli-Hood® in their hotel’s commercial kitchen. Melink’s Intelli-Hood® is a dual sensing DCKV solution that maximizes a commercial kitchen’s operation and performance. As cooking loads are reduced, so is your energy demand through AI metrics and measurements. This study shows the savings results Hard Rock achieved with Intelli-Hood®.


In Figure A below, the customer’s average fan speed for the exhaust fans over a period of several days can be seen. The dips in the chart represent times when the fans are not running, and the spikes represent when the fans are operating. The spikes in fan speed change slightly which means the fans are running more efficiently. The average fan speed for these exhausts was 60%.

Then Hard Rock Hotel spent an average of $16,849 in utility costs per year without Intelli-Hood®. Figure B below depicts the customer’s annual energy costs as compared to their actual energy costs. After installing Intelli-Hood®, Hard Rock realized a 54%+ reduction in energy costs their first year. This facility is saw an annual reduction of $9,901 on their energy bill by utilizing Intelli-Hood® in their hotel’s commercial kitchen.

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