Travelodge Hotel


Travelodge Dublin was built in 2018 and is a recently constructed hotel in the vibrant city of Dublin, known for its exceptional services and comfortable accommodations. To ensure efficient ventilation and temperature control within the premises, the hotel management decided to implement an Intelli-Hood installation, an advanced system that optimizes kitchen exhaust hoods. This case study aims to analyze the impact of the Intelli-Hood installation on the hotel’s utility costs and operating expenses.


Before the Intelli-Hood installation, Travelodge Dublin was estimated to spend approximately $13,878 per year on utility costs without Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) controls. Recognizing the potential for substantial cost savings and improved energy efficiency, the hotel management opted to invest in the Intelli-Hood system.

The Intelli-Hood system was expertly installed in the hotel’s kitchen to regulate the exhaust hoods based on real-time cooking activity. This intelligent technology ensures that ventilation is adjusted according to the cooking load, thereby minimizing energy waste and optimizing airflow.

The case study of Travelodge Dublin’s Intelli-Hood installation demonstrates the remarkable impact of this advanced technology on the hotel’s utility costs and operating expenses. With an estimated annual savings of $7,274 and a substantial 48% reduction in operating expenses, the hotel has not only achieved financial benefits but also showcased its commitment to sustainability. The improved guest experience further solidifies Travelodge Dublin’s position as a premier hotel in Dublin, attracting more patrons and positive word-of-mouth. Overall, the Intelli-Hood installation has proven to be a wise investment, setting an example for other hotels seeking to enhance energy efficiency and operational excellence.


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