PF Chang’s Case Study


PF Chang’s in Festival City, Dubai, took steps to enhance sustainability and reduce operational costs by investing in Intelli-Hood®, a demand control kitchen ventilation system. The main aim was to optimize ventilation, decrease energy consumption, and lower utility expenses while maintaining an efficient kitchen environment. This cutting-edge system dynamically adjusts exhaust and supply fan speeds based on cooking activity, ensuring energy is used only when needed, resulting in substantial energy savings for the restaurant.


The installation of Intelli-Hood® at PF Chang’s Festival City resulted in significant savings. Before the installation, the restaurant incurred $33,845 in annual utility costs. However, post-installation, there was a remarkable reduction, with annual utility costs dropping to $23,713. This reduction led to substantial savings of $10,132 annually, and the investment’s simple payback period was only 1.1 years (Figure A).


Intelli-Hood® played a crucial role in achieving a 30% reduction in operating expenses by optimizing energy usage. Its intelligent control of fan speeds based on cooking activity ensured precise energy utilization, aligning with PF Chang’s commitment to sustainability.

The Intelli-Hood® system at PF Chang’s Festival City maintains an average fan speed of 74%, which optimizes ventilation and minimizes energy usage. Its adaptability to cooking activities and real-time adjustments create an energy-efficient kitchen.


Its installation showcases the positive impact of DCKV controls, yielding a 1.1-year payback period, cost savings, and reduced carbon emissions. PF Chang’s commitment to sustainability, combined with the operational advantages of Intelli-Hood®, establishes them as industry leaders in adopting innovative, eco-friendly solutions.

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