Shake Shack Case Study – Al Barsha


Shake Shack in Al Barsha, Dubai sought to improve efficiency and cut energy costs by investing in Intelli-Hood’s Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) for their kitchen exhaust systems. Before this upgrade, their annual utility costs for ventilation were $14,798. With Intelli-Hood’s system, using dual-sensing technology to adjust exhaust fan speed in real-time based on cooking activity, they achieved significant improvements. This ensured their ventilation operated efficiently, consuming only the necessary energy for optimal air quality.


After installing Intelli-Hood at Al Barsha’s Shake Shack, their kitchen energy costs decreased from $14,798 to $9,106 annually, saving $5,692. This resulted in a quick 1.5-year payback period on the investment, showcasing its cost-effectiveness. Operating expenses reduced by an impressive 38% due to optimized energy use. Additionally, the improved ventilation not only cut costs but also slashed carbon dioxide emissions by 25,626lbs yearly, marking a substantial step toward sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Following the installation of Intelli-Hood, the average fan speed was optimized to 78%, striking a balance between efficient ventilation and maintaining high air quality. This adjustment significantly cut down on unnecessary energy consumption. The chart illustrates the fluctuations in fan speed directly correlating with cooking demand, showcasing the system’s real-time responsiveness to kitchen activity. This dynamic control ensured that the ventilation operated precisely as needed, avoiding excessive energy usage during low-demand periods while ramping up efficiently during peak cooking times to maintain optimal air quality.


The implementation of Intelli-Hood’s DCKV system at Shake Shack in Al Barsha, Dubai successfully demonstrated substantial operating expense savings, achieved a 1-year payback, and significantly lowered carbon emissions by optimizing their kitchen’s exhaust and ventilation system.
Intelli-Hood not only lowered their utility costs, but improved their overall sustainability as well.

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