Shake Shack Case Study – Corniche, Abu Dhabi


Shake Shack in Corniche sought to improve operations and sustainability by investing in Intelli-Hood, an intelligent kitchen ventilation system. Their aim was to optimize ventilation, reduce utility costs, and embrace eco-friendly practices, aligning with their commitment to sustainability. Intelli-Hood dynamically adjusts fan speeds based on cooking activity, ensuring energy efficiency and resulting in substantial savings.


After installing Intelli-Hood at Shake Shack in Corniche, their annual utility costs dropped from $10,902 to $6,811, resulting in savings of $4,091. The payback period for the investment was 2.1 years, highlighting its long-term financial benefits. Operating expenses decreased by an impressive 38%, showcasing the system’s efficiency in managing energy usage through dynamic fan speed control. This initiative significantly slashed their carbon footprint by 93,906 lbs. of carbon emissions, aligning with their commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


The Intelli-Hood® system at Shake Shack Corniche in Abu Dhabi consistently operated at an average fan speed of 76%, showcasing its ability to adapt to cooking activities and make real-time adjustments. This maintained fan speed guarantees efficient ventilation while minimizing energy usage, promoting a well-balanced and energy-efficient kitchen environment.


The introduction of Intelli-Hood® at Shake Shack Corniche highlights how demand control kitchen ventilation systems positively influence both financial and environmental aspects. The 2.1-year payback period, considerable savings, and substantial decrease in carbon emissions emphasize the success of this initiative. Combining Shake Shack’s dedication to sustainability with the operational advantages of Intelli-Hood® establishes them as a forward-looking leader in embracing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in the fast-food sector.

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