Intelli-Hood® Children’s Hospital Case Study


Sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly becoming hotter topics in healthcare. Like many major hospitals working towards environmental stewardship and higher Energy Star ratings, a large children’s hospital in central Ohio decided to make a conscious effort to develop their own sustainability goals and pursue a greener facility. In 2015, the hospital partnered with Go Sustainable Energy to do an energy audit of their facility and identify areas of improvement. Through the audit, they found an impactful area of savings was in the kitchen.


Collaborating with Go Sustainable Energy and Melink Corp., the hospital was able to maximize their initial savings using AEP’s utility rebates and a dollar-for-dollar match from the state hospital association, which ultimately paid for almost 90% of their system. Go Sustainable Energy has served as the hospital’s advocate and manager of their post installation data. After the installation, they reported the following:

  • The proposal and installation process were simple and easy.
  • The controls were affordable and approved quickly in their CapEx budget.
  • The payback period was extremely quick, and they are happy with their return.

**Project information and data provided by Neil Wittberg of Go Sustainable Energy.