Paradise City Case Study

Paradise City is a resort located in Incheon, South Korea. The resort combines multi-purpose hospitality facilities including a hotel, casino, and convention center. Throughout the property, there are kitchens in nearly every facility, including the hotel, casino, spa, and bars.



Paradise City Hotel in South Korea




Recently, the resort conducted energy audits across its kitchens to identify areas of improvement. One of the top priorities was to address the kitchen ventilation system, which consisted of 14 kitchens with hoods running at an average of 17.3 hours per day. To help control operating costs, they decided to implement a demand control kitchen ventilation system to self-modulate each kitchen, according to the cooking conditions.



Paradise City Intelli-Hood® Case Study energy saving stats



With the implementation of Intelli-Hood® into all the kitchen hoods across the property, Paradise City was able to reduce its fan speed from 100% all the time to an average of 66%, resulting in a savings of $295,968 in the first year. The system will pay for itself in about two years. With this improvement, they were not only able reduce their immediate energy
consumption, but they are able to use the Intelli-Hood® technology to continually monitor their usage and adjust as necessary.


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