Jumeriah Al Qasr Case Study – Dubai


Renowned as an iconic luxury hotel in Dubai, Jumeirah Al Qasr has upheld its reputation for delivering top-notch guest experiences. Keeping pace with the industry’s focus on sustainability and cost-efficiency, the hotel embraced the implementation of Intelli-Hood®—a cutting-edge demand control kitchen ventilation system—to align with global trends and trim operational expenses. This case study delves into the outcomes, emphasizing substantial utility cost savings and improved energy efficiency resulting from this transformative installation.


Prior to adopting Intelli-Hood®, Jumeirah Al Qasr grappled with considerable utility expenses, notably within its kitchen operations, reaching an annual expenditure of $73,271. Seeking to streamline operational efficiency and cut costs, the hotel management introduced Intelli-Hood’s DCKV controls. This implementation led to an annual utility savings of $18,414.

The installation of the Intelli-Hood’s DCKV system in Jumeriah’s commercial kitchen skillfully regulated exhaust hoods in response to real-time cooking activity. By using dual sensing, this smart technology effectively reduced energy waste and optimized airflow—a graphical representation below demonstrates this process. By modulating the kitchen fans, Jumeriah successfully achieved a significant annual savings of 182,770 lbs./year and curbed their carbon dioxide emissions.


The implementation of Intelli-Hood® at Jumeriah showcased impressive results, boasting a remarkable 1.9-year payback period. This installation not only delivered financial benefits but also contributed significantly to environmental sustainability by slashing the hotel’s carbon footprint by 182,770 lbs. per year. Furthermore, the system’s introduction markedly improved energy efficiency within Jumeriah’s commercial kitchen, demonstrating its tangible impact on operational excellence and environmental responsibility.

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