VOX Cinemas Case Study


VOX Cinemas, a prominent entertainment hub in Dubai, grappled with soaring utility expenses due to inefficient ventilation and exhaust systems in their commercial kitchen, impacting both their finances and environmental goals. Prior to implementing energy-saving measures, their utility costs skyrocketed to $28,090 annually, necessitating a solution that could enhance ventilation efficiency while curbing operational expenses.

To address this challenge, VOX Cinemas embraced an innovative approach by installing Intelli-Hood® DCKV controls. These state-of-the-art smart controls offered dynamic ventilation management, adjusting fan speed and exhaust in real-time based on demand. The aim was to revolutionize energy consumption and operational efficiency in the kitchen, with a seamless installation prioritizing uninterrupted operations.


The impact of Intelli-Hood® was remarkable. Post-installation, annual utility cost savings surged to $22,358, with operational expenses plummeting from $28,090 to $5,732. This translated to an impressive ROI of 1.1 years, showcasing substantial financial gains derived from the investment. Moreover, the implementation drove an 80% decrease in operational expenses, bolstering the cinema’s financial resilience.


In addition to financial benefits, Intelli-Hood® also contributed significantly to environmental sustainability, with an annual reduction of 270,713 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions. By maintaining optimal fan speeds closely aligned with cooking demand, the cinemas achieved enhanced energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as illustrated by the fan speed chart below.


The success of Intelli-Hood® underscores the importance of investing in innovative, energy-efficient solutions. Not only did it optimize commercial kitchen performance with minimal disruption, but it also showcased a commitment to sustainability, enhancing brand reputation and customer satisfaction. VOX Cinemas’ experience with Intelli-Hood® serves as a testament to the transformative power of smart technologies in reducing energy waste and driving operational excellence.

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