Saadiyat Beach Golf Club Case Study


Saadiyat Beach Golf Club in Abu Dhabi is a renowned golfing destination, celebrated for its dedication to excellence and sustainability. Recently, the club adopted Intelli-Hood, a demand control kitchen ventilation system featuring dual sensing technology, to enhance its kitchen exhaust operations. This case study explores the profound effects of Intelli-Hood on the club’s utility expenses, operational costs, and environmental impact.


Before implementing Intelli-Hood, the club incurred an annual utility cost of 23,860 AED (Figure A). Post-installation, these costs dramatically dropped to 14,578 AED, yielding savings of 9,282 AED. This reduction highlights Intelli-Hood’s efficacy in managing energy consumption more efficiently, thus lowering utility expenses significantly.

Moreover, the system optimized the exhaust fan usage, maintaining an average fan speed utilization of 74%, as depicted in Figure B. This capability to precisely adjust fan operations according to kitchen requirements demonstrates Intelli-Hood’s operational efficiency.


Overall, the integration of Intelli-Hood at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club has been a strategic move with substantial benefits. It not only slashed utility costs but also cut overall operating expenses by 39% and reduced carbon emissions. Intelli-Hood’s DCKV controls have regulated the kitchen’s fan speeds and helped to reduce energy waste. This initiative underscores the club’s commitment to sustainability and operational excellence.


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