Royal Atlantis Resort Case Study


The Royal Atlantis Resort in Dubai aimed to improve efficiency and sustainability in its large kitchen facilities. To reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, the management installed Intelli-Hood’s Demand-Controlled Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) system. This advanced technology significantly enhanced the kitchen’s operations, leading to substantial cost and energy savings.


The project’s success relied on a carefully planned installation that minimized operational disruptions through a phased approach, completed outside peak hours. Intelli-Hood’s advanced technology, adjusting fan speeds based on real-time cooking demands, was key. Extensive staff training on the new system ensured a smooth transition and effective usage. As a result, the kitchen achieved optimal performance and significant energy savings, with annual utility costs dropping 54% from $389,794 to $180,006, significantly boosting the resort’s bottom line.

Kitchen Utility COost Graph, Royal Atlantis, Savings, Intelli-Hood Controls


The kitchen at the Royal Atlantis Resort significantly reduced its environmental impact, saving 1,792,354 lbs of CO2 emissions annually, aligning with the resort’s commitment to sustainability and improving air quality for guests and staff. The project demonstrated a quick payback period of 1.5 years, proving the Intelli-Hood system’s cost-effectiveness for commercial kitchens. Additionally, the optimized fan speed averaged at 59% post-installation, contributing to energy savings and extending the exhaust system’s lifespan.

Royal Atlantis, Fan Speed, Graph, Intelli-Hood Controls


The installation of Intelli-Hood’s DCKV controls at the Royal Atlantis Resort in Dubai exemplifies the successful integration of advanced technology to improve kitchen operations. The seamless installation with minimal disruptions led to significant cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and enhanced operational efficiency. This project underscores the Royal Atlantis Resort’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, positioning them as industry leaders in the hospitality sector.


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