Saadiyat Beach Golf Club Case Study – Dubai


Saadiyat Beach Golf Club in Abu Dhabi, known for excellence, bolstered its dedication to sustainability by installing Intelli-Hood, a cutting-edge demand control kitchen ventilation system. This study investigates how Intelli-Hood impacted the club’s utility costs, operating expenses, and environmental footprint.


Saadiyat Beach Golf Club spent 23,860 AED yearly on utilities before installing Intelli-Hood. After implementation, these costs decreased significantly to 14,578 AED, leading to remarkable savings of 9,282 AED. This reduction underscores Intelli-Hood’s prompt efficiency in managing energy use, ultimately cutting utility expenses.

The chart below, displays the average fan speed utilization of 74%, indicating the system’s ability to fine-tune exhaust fan operations to meet the precise needs of the kitchen. The variations on the chart represent the changing fan speeds to match the commercial kitchen’s cooking demand.


Incorporating Intelli-Hood at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club in Abu Dhabi has emerged as a strategic and impactful choice. This technology not only delivered substantial savings in utility costs but also slashed overall operating expenses by 61%, all while curbing carbon emissions significantly.

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