W Hotel Case Study – Yas Island


The W Hotel on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, is celebrated for its opulence and steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability. Aligning with this commitment, the hotel has recently incorporated Intelli-Hood, a cutting-edge energy-saving technology, into 17 of its kitchen exhaust systems. This case study investigates the influence of Intelli-Hood on the hotel’s utility costs, operating expenses, and environmental footprint.


Before Intelli-Hood installation, the W Hotel on Yas Island faced high annual utility costs of $151,981. Post-installation, these expenses notably dropped to $75,453, resulting in impressive savings of $76,528. This reduction highlights Intelli-Hood’s swift impact on optimizing energy use, consequently cutting utility expenses significantly.

The implementation of Intelli-Hood at the W Hotel on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, stands as a testament to its strategic and efficient impact. Beyond delivering substantial savings in utility costs, the technology has achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in overall operating expenses. A closer look at the chart below reveals an average fan speed utilization of 63%, underscoring the system’s operational efficiency. The variations on the chart represent the changes in fan speed during the day as a result of varying cooking demands.


This comprehensive case study demonstrates that Intelli-Hood is not merely a cost-effective solution but also a responsible choice for improving sustainability efforts. The technology actively contributes to reducing the hotel’s carbon dioxide emissions, aligning seamlessly with the W Hotel’s commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, with a simple payback period of under 2 years, the installation of Intelli-Hood proves to be a wise and financially sound investment for long-term efficiency and environmental responsibility.


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