Case Study: Test & Balance


A quick-service restaurant hired Melink to perform a test and balance inspection to assess its HVAC system and investigate comfort issues. The restaurant was designed with multiple rooftop units (RTU) and exhaust fans.

Upon arrival, the Melink technician met with the general contractor and mechanical contractor, reviewed the site’s design plans, and checked the equipment.


The following discrepancies were found during the inspection:

  • RTU-1 designed for 17.5 tons but a 20 ton unit had been installed
  • Number of air devices for RTU-3 does not match the design plans
  • 2 exhaust fans installed on wrong curbs
  • Missing back-draft dampers on exhaust fans
  • EF-1 not operating
  • RTUs cycling on and off without call from thermostats
  • Loose flex duct causing air leakage above the ceiling
  • Poorly installed dampers that rattled and squeaked

While the contractor repaired these items, the Melink technician measured airflow and adjusted fan speeds and dampers to achieve optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Ultimately, the speed of six exhaust fans was able to be reduced to save conditioned air, energy, and money.

Overall, once the test and balance inspection was complete, the building pressure was corrected to be slightly positive. Learn why your facility should have positive building pressure.

Authored By: Darren Witter

Sr. Vice President Darren Witter has been with Melink Corporation since 1996. He has served in a variety of capacities including engineering, product development, manufacturing, field services, and management. Darren earned a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati and is a State of Ohio Professional Engineer (PE). He is also qualified as a LEED-accredited professional and a NEBB-certified professional. After working in and leading many of the functional areas of the company, Darren’s core focus is now on the hiring and development of Melink employee-owners. For more than 30 years, Melink has helped commercial building owners improve the health, comfort, and energy impact of their facilities across the U.S. and world.

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