Grocery Case Study



Over the last 15 years, Melink has partnered with a major grocery banner in the Southeast United States to help reduce the volume of conditioned air being exhausted through its stores’ kitchen hoods. Since replacing exhaust air with conditioned air comes at a premium in regions with high temperatures and high humidity, the need to dial in this minimum volume of replacement air becomes critical.





Melink offered Intelli-Hood®, its demand control kitchen ventilation system, as a solution to actively monitor cooking loads and to reduce kitchen hood exhaust volumes, thus reducing the replacement of conditioned air.

To date, Intelli-Hood® has been installed in more than 420 of the chain’s stores across the Southeast. By randomly sampling 30 of these systems, Melink concluded that this grocery banner saves $615,000 per year in fan energy and conditioned air savings (across its 420 stores).



Intelli-Hood Grocery Case Study Graph of average fan speeds


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