Case Study: HVAC Equipment Assessment


A multi-level building, consisting of medical offices, had no pre-existing
mechanical plans of its facility when a new management firm took ownership. With tenants practicing various medical fields and a stream of daily visitors to the building, the new owner needed to ensure that the ductwork and airflow were verified and running properly. Proper ventilation can help prevent the spread of airborne pathogens and other health risks.

Melink created a detailed schedule for the full project and each individual office suite. This schedule provided tenants with sufficient notice for Melink’s technicians to easily gain access to perform the commissioning services.



Melink completed the detailed documentation of the ductwork for the office building’s HVAC and exhaust systems, which included noting all the sizes and equipment locations for each floor and suite. This report also noted abandoned and disconnected units located above the ceilings.

Ultimately, the initial assessment of existing equipment that took place in 2019 led to scheduling a second phase of the project: rebalancing and changes to the building’s layout to be completed in early 2022.

Learn more about Melink’s testing, balancing, and commissioning services. Download a copy of this HVAC equipment assessment case study.


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