Case Study: Retail New Construction


A national retail chain experienced rapid growth, adding 70 new locations in a span of 10 weeks to keep up with demand. Melink performed full testing, balancing, and commissioning at each location, which included providing detailed reports for each site. This allowed the customer to resolve punchlist items under warranty, hold contractors accountable to their work, and open the stores on time.


Sample of Findings





Melink completed all 70 locations in 10 weeks and found a total of 594 punchlist items, which averaged approximately eight per location. By catching these issues before they became serious problems, it led to reduced customer and store complaints, as well as a 15% decrease in maintenance calls and an estimated 60% decrease in maintenance costs over the first 12 months. In addition, the retailer had an estimated ROI on its commissioning program within 18 months of the new openings. The fast-paced schedule allowed the retailer to open each location on time and fully balanced.

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