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Steve Melink is a national clean energy expert with three decades of successful experience as founder and CEO of Melink Corporation. His mission is to inspire a Clean Energy Revolution, making the U.S. and world safer, healthier, and more prosperous for current and future generations. He is a well-known speaker with an audience hailing from across the business, education, and government sectors.

Steve is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ohio and holds a BSME degree from Vanderbilt and MBA from Duke University. He has served on the boards for Green Energy Ohio, Ohio Advanced Energy, U.S. Green Building Council, Green Umbrella, and Xavier University Academic Sustainability Programs.

He is author of the books CEO Power & Light: Transcendent Leadership For A Sustainable World and Fusion Capitalism — A Clean Energy Vision for Conservatives.

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ForbesBooks Radio Presents: Steve Melink

Join ForbesBooks Radio host Joe Pardavila as he sits down with Steve Melink to talk about his new book Fusion Capitalism and why Conservatives must pivot and help lead the Clean Energy Revolution to make the U.S. safer, healthier, and wealthier.

Fusion Capitalism: A Clean Energy Vision For Conservatives

Steve’s second book Fusion Capitalism – A Clean Energy Vision for Conservatives was published by ForbesBooks in 2020. In this book, Steve Melink tells his story about the values and traditions learned in a large family. In searching for success, he found his company, but more importantly, he found purpose. This book is a tribute to entrepreneurism and capitalism … and the world’s most powerful energy source. While solar, wind, and battery technologies are revolutionizing the world, many politicians in Washington and state capitols are stuck in the past. Steve urges the right to get on the right side of history. It will take bold action to win the greatest race of all time: the Clean Energy Revolution!

Fusion Capitalism is a conservative vision and platform for addressing one of mankind’s biggest threats. The science of climate change is now incontrovertible, so it’s time to turn threat into opportunity, ingenuity into enterprise, and leadership into American destiny.

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CEO Power & Light: Transcendent Leadership for a Sustainable World

In his first book, Steve makes a compelling case that sustainability and clean energy are natural extensions of integrity-based principles and values. Moreover, long-term investments in these areas will excite our top and bottom lines, as well as improve our national and global economy, security, and environment.

Steve says he had one goal in writing CEO Power & Light: to inspire chief executive officers to embrace sustainability for its strategic value. Pure and simple. He believes that those who do will compete more successfully and make the world a better place. The book’s primary audience is fellow CEOs, industry leaders, and MBAs because they have the influence and resources to make clean energy a top priority in their firms. Cumulatively, they can empower the private sector to succeed where government has failed.

Steve Melink - CEO Power & Light

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CEO Power & Light Reviews

“Most of the world’s progress on sustainability will be driven by decisions made in the boardroom, and so engaging and inspiring CEOs is critical,” says Rick Fedrizzi, CEO and founding chair of the U.S. Green Building Council. “Steve’s book does this. CEOs leveraging their full range of leadership abilities will drive a global pivot to more sustainably informed decision-making that will benefit us all.”

“Doing well by doing good has been nothing short of transformative for our company. The world needs more transcendent leaders,” says Daniel Hendrix, CEO and chairman of Interface, Inc. “Thank you to Steve for shining the light on this overlooked area of corporate leadership.”

And the Rev. Michael J. Graham, president of Xavier University, says: “Steve Melink, an example of truly transcendent leadership himself, tells us in CEO Power and Light why such leadership is crucial to a sustainable future for humanity and for the environment. This is exactly the kind of leadership Pope Francis has recently called for in his encyclical, Laudato Si’.”

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In addition to being a CEO and author, Steve is a sought-after speaker and participant in national energy discussions. He has been called upon several times to meet with members of the White House staff, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Commerce about energy policy. Steve also testifies before government committees on issues related to energy.

To request Steve as a speaker or schedule an interview with Steve, complete the form below or call 513.965.7300.


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