A Moral Imperative: Climate Change & Your Vote

Author: Craig Davis –

Call climate change an environmental crisis, an economic opportunity, a matter of national security… Call it whatever you want as long as you don’t call it a “hoax” or “fake news.” Our world is literally burning as we still sit idly by arguing this as a partisan issue. Our children should be ashamed of us.

I hope we can put aside the noise and see this issue for the moral imperative that it is.

Climate change is THE defining issue of the 2020 presidential election. Come November I’m not voting for a candidate (per se) or overly simplified ideology. My vote will be cast in favor of making the world a better place for all future generations.

This photo is of my three children: Jack (8), Janie (4), and Benny (2). I am voting for THEM.

Craig M. Davis
President & Employee-Owner


Authored By: Craig Davis

Craig Davis joined Melink Corporation in 2006 and currently serves as President, overseeing day-to-day operations of the company. Craig holds a BFA degree from the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music and a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership from Mount St. Joseph University. He is a certified Project Management Professional through PMI and a Certified Project Manager through Xavier University. Craig is also currently serving as a board member with SonLight Power. He is a lifelong resident of Cincinnati, is an avid runner, and is enjoying life with his wife, three kids, and their dog, Norman.

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