HVAC Systems – How to help ensure a good investment

Author: Joel Geiman –

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment is very similar to your car; it can last 7 years or 20 years! The life expectancy largely depends on the quality of the equipment, and how the equipment has been maintained. Without having a maintenance log of all your systems, how do you estimate the remaining ‘miles’ your equipment has left? The answer – have an independent HVAC site survey.

Performing an independent HVAC site survey before purchasing new HVAC equipment, helps to ensure you are making the right decisions. During an HVAC site survey, or HVAC audit, an independent partner will help you to determine the current state of your equipment. To do so, your independent partner should tailor a unique scope of work to help you with your specific needs.  HVAC site surveys can be complex with much focus on the fine details, or it can be a more general inspection of all equipment. Explain to your independent HVAC partner your situation and goals, then let them help you create a plan or program that suites your needs.

“Why are you underlining independent?”, you might ask; because it is vital to ensure the gathered information is unbiased. Your partner should be a true owners advocate, working while looking through the eyes of the end owner. This task may be complicated for your equipment providers, preventative maintenance providers, and internal employees, as there may be a conflict of interest in reporting one outcome verses another. One other important question to ask your independent provider is – “Are you self-performing?”.

You might be thinking – “Here we go again with these underlines.”, but self-performing is just as important as independent. Performing an HVAC site survey is a quality control related process. To fully achieve a high-quality result in your HVAC site survey, you should consider using a self-performing company. A self-performing company will use 100% of their own employees to survey your equipment. Therefore, the end product, or HVAC site survey report, will be created from the findings of your partners direct employees that you can trust.

Once the time is right to replace or repair HVAC equipment, be sure to consider having an independent partner help you along the way. We’d appreciate if you’d consider Melink Corporation. We have a national network of self-performing technicians, and have been working with national and regional partners for over 30 years! Let us know how we can help!

Authored By: Joel Geiman

Joel Geiman joined Melink in 2016 as a member of the Melink T&B team, Melink’s national, independent, and certified HVAC test and balance company. Melink T&B’s 100% self-performing national network of technicians provides the best solution to ensure quality and consistent national services. Joel plays a role helping to cultivate new national relationships, and ultimately seeking to ensure energy efficiency and consistency for Melink’s national partners. Since being brought onto the team the team in early 2016, Joel has transitioned from his Sales Engineer role, to Business Development Manager. In his current role, he is to ensure the Melink T&B business continues to grow with both new and existing customers. To ensure growth, Joel continually seeks to innovate Melink’s processes and procedures, to maintain Melink T&B’s position as the premiere national balancing company. Joel holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, where his 5 semesters of fulltime co-op experience helped to catapult him into the professional realm.

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