Intelli-Hood Case Study – Pala Casino Spa & Resort


Pala Casino Spa & Resort has always been cognizant of their environmental footprint and the impact they make on the surrounding community. Continually looking for ways to improve, they recently conducted energy audits across the property to identify areas of improvement and develop an optimization plan. One of the top priorities was to address their kitchen ventilation system which consisted of 10 kitchens with hoods running at 100% a majority of the day. With Trane as their partner in this project, they decided to implement Melink Intelli-Hood® so their hoods would self-modulate as necessary according to the cooking conditions.


Pala Casino Spa & Resort was able to reduce their fan speed about 35%, resulting in a savings of $139,713 in the first year alone. Their return on investment also exceeded expectations, by returning their initial investment in under 2 years. With this improvement they were not only able reduce their immediate energy consumption, but they are able to use the Intelli-Hood technology to continually monitor their usage, and their kitchens became much quieter and more comfortable as well!

Below is a sample graph of the varying exhaust fan speed for one day at the Resort:

Could Intelli-Hood be a fit for my project?

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