Intelli-Hood System Basics: Operational Modes

There are four Intelli-Hood® system operational modes: Energy Saving, Standby, 100% (Bypass), and Emergency Fire. The Intelli­-Hood HVAC controls package visually monitors the level of cooking activity and automatically instructs the exhaust fan to operate only as fast as necessary to save energy. Learn the basics about each operational mode…

Energy Saving Mode

First, Energy Saving Mode is the operational state when one or more exhaust fans are on. In most cases, all exhaust fans controlled by Intelli-Hood will be in Energy Saving Mode at the same time. However, in some configurations, it is possible that some fans will be in Energy Saving Mode while others remain in Standby.

Standby Mode

In Standby, the exhaust fans are not operating, but Intelli-Hood is monitoring temperature and optic sensors.  The system’s touchpad is typically used to manually change the mode of the system between Standby and Energy Saving Mode. Depending on both cooking conditions and pre-programmed settings, it is possible for Intelli-Hood to automatically change modes.

100% Mode (Bypass Mode)

Next is 100% Mode, which is commonly referred to as Bypass Mode. This mode is a secondary function. Typically, Intelli-Hood is set to appropriately send the exhaust fans to full speed based on conditions detected by temperature and optic sensors.  Kitchen staff has the ability to send fans to full speed by placing the system into 100% Mode when it is operating in Energy Saving Mode. 100% Mode is a timed function with a default expiration time of ten minutes.  After the timer expires, fans will revert back to Energy Saving Mode.

Emergency Fire Mode

Lastly, the Emergency Fire Mode is triggered by the fire suppression system. This mode is activated when the main power to the Intelli-Hood is removed. In this mode, the touchpad and sensors will have no power or function.

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