Furniture & Decor

HQ2 passes its final inspection. Furniture, including standing desks, is selected to match the building’s natural light, earth-tone colors, exposed ceiling, and open floorplan. A water feature is installed near the lobby for ambiance and to help control the building’s humidity in the winter months. Repurposed materials are used for decor. 

Solar Canopy Construction

Construction begins on the parking lot’s bifacial solar PV canopy. This canopy generates electricity for the building, as well as 39 electric vehicle charging stations. The first building tours are given to business people, teachersstudents, and green building advocates this month.  

Finishing Touches

The greenest building in the world finally starts to look green.” Fresh sod is laidwhile the rest of the property is seeded and strawed. Inside, painting is wrapping up and flooring is installed. The geothermal loop is flushed, and the heat pumps are ready to functionAuto-dimming lighting and ceiling “clouds” (large tiles to absorb noise in the open-concept office space) are installed.

90% Complete

HQ2 approaches its 90% completion mark. Inside, the framing and drywall is nearly complete. Floors are epoxied, and the Super Hybrid Geothermal System is installed. The zone heating/cooling, plumbing, and electric is nearly completed. Double-barrier doors and auto-shade window controls are installed. The concrete sidewalks, asphalt parking lot, and courtyard are completed.

Framework & Electric Installation

Next, HQ2’s interior is foam-insulated. Framework and electric installation begins. Window frames and glass are installed. The rain water cistern is added to the outside of the building. And a key part of HQ2’s Super Hybrid Geothermal HVAC System installation happens: the geothermal boreholes are drilled. The building’s geothermal set-up includes four wells and a Manifest pump system.

Mechanical & Plumbing Installation

The mechanical and plumbing systems are installed. These systems make HQ2 a Zero-Energy Building (ZEB) second to none. For instance, zone watersource heat pumps are installed in HQ2. These heat pumps transfer energy from the air to water, which heats and cools the building depending on the season.  

Pouring Concrete

Concrete for the first floor is poured. The outside of the building is painted with primer and prepped for the next coats of paint. 


Steel for the second floor and roof is erected. HQ2 is halfway complete.

Second Floor Construction

The precast concrete wallare completed, and the support beams for the second floor are installed.