What other test and balance services does Melink offer?

We provide re-inspection services to verify that the contractors corrected any deficiencies found during the original test and balance. We perform surveys and provide recommendations on existing buildings being considered for a remodel or an upgrade of equipment. We also perform design reviews to reduce construction and operation costs and improve store comfort. If you are attempting LEED certification, our team can help with that as well.

What is the average lead time when ordering a balance?

In general, the more advance notice that is provided, the better the planning and coordination of resources, which results in a smoother and more cost-effective project. Lead time can also depend on the program, site type, flexibility and scope of services. Four weeks or more in advance of the perform date is average. Special situations requiring quick response usually can be accommodated.

When should my new facility be tested and balanced?

The test and balance can be performed at any time, but the best opportunity is near the end of construction. This would be after all HVAC systems have been installed and started but before turnover to operations. During this time period, the TAB firm may uncover deficiencies that can still be corrected by the contractors before they leave the site and before the deficiencies create problems for your operations staff. Melink typically schedules a TAB one to two weeks prior to a facility’s opening.

The building should also be rebalanced in whole or in part whenever the building is remodeled, when any HVAC equipment is replaced or modified, and if any air balance-related issues are observed.

Who should perform my test and balance and what about qualifications?

The test and balance firm you choose should be certified by a national organization – such as the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) – to ensure it adheres to accepted and approved standards. The firm should also be independent (meaning the firm did not install the HVAC systems) to ensure it provides an objective inspection and follow-up report.